Rafael O. Ruiz

Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering (2004) Universidad Simón Bolívar.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (2007) Universidad Simón Bolívar​.

Ph.D. in Engineering Science (2015) Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2016) University of Notre Dame.​

Postdoctorade in Mechanical Engineering (2016), Universidad de Chile.

Current Master Students

Alejandro Poblete

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Energy harvesting, nonlinear electro-mechanical coupling effect, Bayesian model updating  

Diego Hidalgo

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Fluid Film Lubracation, Uncertainty Quantification, Manufacturing Tolerance Selection, Adaptive Metamodels 

Current Undergrad Students

Javier Ojeda

Civil Engineering Program

Research Interest: Piezoelectric energy harvesting, optimization under uncertainty, energy harvesting application for structures

Sebastián Aguirre

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Dynamic of periodic structures, vibration in cables, periodic resonators 

Cristobal Urueña

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Inverse Problems, Sensors design, piezoelectric materials 

Cristian Olivares

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Metamaterials for large structures, periodic structures, mechanical vibration 

Former Students

Alejandro Poblete

Mechanical Engineer (2020)

Bayesian inference analysis on nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvesters

Ana-Catalina Villalobos

Civil Engineer (2020)

Development of an algorithm for damage detection in composite plates.

Luis Loyola

Master in Civil Engineering (waiting for defense)

Stochastic ground motion generation compatible with the Chilean seismicity

José Mardones

Mechanical Engineer (waiting for defense)

Dynamic study of a flexitank

Patricio Peralta

Master in Mechanical Engineering (2020)

Bayesian inference analysis on piezoelectric energy harvesters

Pablo Cañete

Civil Engineer (2019)

Optimization of viscous dampers based on Life-cycle Cost for Building Applications in Chile.

Ignacio López

Civil Engineer (2017)

Worked with Nonlinear Tuned Mass Dampers and their impact on buildings.

Jean Riveros

Civil Engineer (2017)

Developed a SIMULINK repository with the most common nonlinear elements employed in structural analysis

José Villanueva

Civil Engineer (2017)

Developed nonlinear simplified models for steel structures

Patricio Peralta

Mechanical Engineer (2017)

Developed a experimental test to quantify uncertainties in piezoelectric energy harvesters

Sebastian Rodríguez

Mechanical Engineer (2016)

Developed a Finite Element model for piezoelectric energy harvesters

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