Rafael O. Ruiz

Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering (2004) Universidad Simón Bolívar.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (2007) Universidad Simón Bolívar​.

Ph.D. in Engineering Science (2015) Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2016) University of Notre Dame.​

Postdoctorade in Mechanical Engineering (2016), Universidad de Chile.

Current Master Students

Patricio Peralta

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters, Bayesian Updating, Model Class Selection.

Luis Loyola

Civil Engineering Program

Research Interest: Ground Motion Modeling, Metamodels Based on Kriging, Ground Motion Predictive Equations.

Diego Hidalgo

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Fluid Film Lubracation, Uncertainty Quantification, Manufacturing Tolerance Selection, Adaptive Metamodels 

Current Undergrad Students

Ana-Catalina Villalobos

Civil Engineering Program

Research Interest: Model Class Selection, Bayesian model updating, Gaussian Processes  

Alejandro Poblete

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Energy harvesting, nonlinear electro-mechanical coupling effect, Bayesian model updating  

José Mardones

Mechanical Engineering Program

Research Interest: Flexi Tank Modelling, Fluid Structure Interaction

Former Students

Pablo Cañete

Civil Engineer (2019)

Optimization of viscous dampers based on Life-cycle Cost for Building Applications in Chile.

Ignacio López

Civil Engineer (2017)

Worked with Nonlinear Tuned Mass Dampers and their impact on buildings.

Jean Riveros

Civil Engineer (2017)

Developed a SIMULINK repository with the most common nonlinear elements employed in structural analysis

José Villanueva

Civil Engineer (2017)

Developed nonlinear simplified models for steel structures

Patricio Peralta

Mechanical Engineer (2017)

Developed a experimental test to quantify uncertainties in piezoelectric energy harvesters

Sebastian Rodríguez

Mechanical Engineer (2016)

Developed a Finite Element model for piezoelectric energy harvesters

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